Denny's Restaurant

3 stars based on 10 reviews

Denny's Restaurant
2335 West Highway 76
Branson, MO 65616

(417) 339-3670

Business Hours
Open 24 Hours
Seven days a week

Casual Dining
Dining Options:
Carry Out, Dine In
Dress Code:
Entrée Price Ranges:
$1-5, $6-10, $11-15
Main Cuisine:
Breakfast, Chicken, Country Cooking & American, Fish, Hamburgers, Pasta, Seafood, Soups & Sandwiches, Steak
Meals Served:
Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Payment Methods:
American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Not Accepted

There's a Denny's in Branson -- bet that makes you happy!  Sure, most folks like to try new places when they travel, but everyone also likes to have that familiar place with the dependably good food!  And knowing you can have your favorite pancake, omelette, steak, skillet meal, or something from the American Classics menu, lets you breathe a sigh of relief.  Just like you'll find at every Denny's, it's always open - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - and you can have breakfast all day long.  You can always get their delicious burgers, like the Bourbon Bacon Burger, or the Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger, and any of their yummy soups, salads, sandwiches, fish entrees, and more.  And you can take the little ones, because Denny's has a kids' menu with more options than nearly every other restaurant.  It's reliable, friendly, clean, open all day long, and serving the fresh and flavorful food you know and love -- it's Denny's, and it's right here in Branson on the world famous Strip!

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10 reviews
3 out of 5 stars

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"Great service"

Food was ok on our recent visit, but our server was the best thing about our visit. Her name was Angela & she was very nice & helpful. Would recommend asking for her!

"no thank you!!!!"

I was shocked by the appearance of the place. It smelt like old cigarettes and it reminded a person of being in a bar. The food was okay but I really couldn't tell because my taste buds were messed up by the smoke. Will not go back. Sorry.

"good food to me and my boyfriend"

good service funny people and amazing food I will definitely go again and I wont regret it.

"Hair in my food"

Went in and ordered food when I receive my plate of food I noticed black hair cooked in some of the food .i showed it to the waitress she went to get another plate of food not long she brings it out and I look and there is 5 to 6 inch hairs laying across my hash browns and across the eggs. I said is that more hair in the food ,she said oh so sorry. Yes your right sorry , I said not thanks on a new plate and l got up and left Denny's. the problem is in the cooking and food prep area ,not cleaned .i only hope that on the second plate of food it was not done on purposely . Lots of people will be gritting sick if it isn't fixed
Last visited in July 2014


This Denny's is so nasty!! ANTS was all over the table we were trying to eat on . Couldn't even eat for killing ants! Silverware was dirty!! Menus were dirty!no soap in bathroom . At checkout I told about everything and nothing was done!! I think I deserve credit back on my card for this. Needless to say, my family will never be back here to eat . We come to Branson once a year and have ate here bf, but I was shocked at this!!!
Last visited in July 2012
We ate breakfast at the Denny's in Branson on December 6. We were totally surprised that they had smoking and non-smoking - in one large room - separated by a partial wall divider. The non-smoking section was totally misnamed. The smoking smell was terrible. We will NOT be back. I can't think of a restaurant in Branson that has smoking/non-smoking in the same room. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement.
Last visited in December 2011
.Bland overpriced crap. Why do they think they could charge more for such bland food? The staff is great and the store not bad but the food is way too much for the quality you get. I have giving them the benefit and tried lunch and breakfast. The omelets were cold and the chicken sandwich was very pink still. I eat at dennys in St Louis but never again in Branson
Last visited in December 2010
My husband and I were in the Denny's in Branson on Saturday night and it was one of the worst meals and dining experiences we have ever had. The waitress was, well the only way I can describe her is surly. She made it clear with her attitude that the last thing she wanted to do was wait on us. We saw her when she took our orders and when the food was delivered and the rest of the time she was nowhere to be seen. My husbands food was ok but mine, the grilled chicken sandwich, was awful! The bun was so stale that it cracked when I tried to cut the sandwich in half and the chicken was cold. I don't mean not hot I mean COLD. It was so bad that my husband and I both got tickled and were laughing like fools. I ate 2 bites of the sandwich and gave it up as a lost cause. The fries were good and other than no ice in my tea it was good. I strongly advise anyone wanting an edible meal to avoid Denny's in Branson.
Last visited in December 2010
It's a good restraunt.I love the wide selection of food.It's #1!
Last visited in December 2007
We have been vacationing in Branson for the past 7 years and the only place our children want to eat at is Denny's is got the best prices and the best food in town. I cant what till we go back in July.
Last visited in December 2007
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"Denny's Restaurant in Branson, MO"

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