Outback Steak & Oyster Bar

3 stars based on 13 reviews

Outback Steak & Oyster Bar
1914 W. 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

(417) 334-6306

Business Hours
Sunday - Thursday:
11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday:
11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Alcohol Served:
Beer, Liquor, Mixed Drinks, Wine
Bars & Pubs, Casual Dining
Dining Options:
Carry Out, Catering, Dine In
Dress Code:
Entrée Price Ranges:
$1-5, $6-10, $11-15, $16-20, $20+
Main Cuisine:
Chicken, Fish, Hamburgers, Pasta, Seafood, Soups & Sandwiches, Steak
Meals Served:
Dinner, Lunch
Payment Methods:
American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Not Accepted

The Outback Steak & Oyster Bar has been pleasantly surprising Branson visitors for years!  Expecting to find the usual steakhouse chain, guests are pleased to instead discover a unique, Aussie-themed restaurant with an excellent menu of seafood, steaks, burgers, and more delicious delights served up in a creatively decorated dining space. You can opt to dine in, or enjoy your meal and the beautiful Ozarks' outdoors on the deck.  Everything from the waitstaff uniforms to the entertaining names of items on the menu carries a theme from the land down under.  You'll peruse a substantial menu with Aussie Teasers like Alligator Tail, Crab Cakes, 'Shrooms, and the hugely popular Aussie Onion.  You'll love the Soup of the Day, or the tasty Aussie Signature Potato Soup.  And, in keeping with the restaurant's moniker, there's a nice variety of oysters to be had, including Oysters on the Half Shell, Oysters Kilpatrick, Fried Oysters, and Cap't Jack's Rockin' Oysters.  Other seafood options include Queensland Fried Shrimp, and a Snow Crab Dinner, and the Beef on the Barbie selections are mouthwatering, including the Ribeye, Filet, Prime Rib, and their signature Aussie Sirloin.  You'll also find chops, ribs, kabobs, and house specials, like the Melbourne Mixed Grill.  Lunch offers Boomerang Burgers and Sidney Sandwiches.  There's a regular schedule of live music, incredible Ozarks' hospitality, and an overall dining experience that's been keeping customers returning with every visit to Branson.  Start your own annual tradition of enjoying a meal of authentic Australian Cuisine in Branson, only available at the Outback Steak & Oyster Bar! 

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13 reviews
3 out of 5 stars

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"Never Again"

We asked for seating for party of 17 and no problem but were seated at five different tables . Service extremely slow, waiter brought a coffee pot and told us we could get it from empty table ourselves, food was served cold and cold fried oysters are not tasty and took forever 1 hour and forty minutes to get. Restaurant was not full or busy so a definite not again for our group.

"Best Prime Rib in Branson and delicious Shrimp Cocktail"

I tried the Outback based on a suggestion from our travel agent. It was a very "Outback" themed restaurant. It has a neat feel to it. The landscape and decor was wonderful. This is actually completely different from the national chain. This is the Outback Steak and Oyster Bar, which is locally owned by a family in Branson. I had the shrimp cocktail which was very good! I enjoyed their cocktail sauce, too. There were 2 sizes of Prime Rib. I got the 16 oz. It was very good and I was happy with my meal. I would eat there again!
Last visited in November 2014

"I love everything about it!"

We go to Branson several times a year and eating at the Outback Steak and Oyster Bar is our favorite place. It sounds like some raters don't understand this isn't the Outback chain.
Last visited in April 2014

"This is NOT the outback restaurant you see advertised on tv."

I have eaten at several Outback restaurants. Guess what, this one is in no way associated with those. Hmm. The food was o.k. but I went there thinking I was going to order what I had seen advertised on TV. How can this place have the same name but no affiliation? Just curious but whatever, we wont be back. There are too many other great restaurants with great food and great value to go to in Branson besides this place.
Last visited in December 2013

"Never again"

I have a lot of choices to eat around Branson and Springfield and reduced my choices by eliminating the Outback in Branson. Never again. The "Blooming Onion" we ordered was raw as the batter was not cooked through. Mentioned it politely to the waitress and she offered us another and we declined. I usually don't make the cook mad and have him cook me another item after complaining about the first. I ordered my steak medium rare and it was RAW, not slightly pink, not slightly red, not rare, BUT RAW! My wife ordered her steak Med Rare and it was o.k. My father stated his Prime Rib was very dry eventhough he ordered it rare. My seven year olds mac and cheese looked like it had been sitting around for awhile as it was very dry. Upon leaving, you walk by the grill. We watched a cook leaning hard on a spatula with a steak under it. I understand why the steaks are dry. Sorry Outback, I've been eating there since the mid to late 80's and you used to be a good place to eat. Never again. I work to hard for my money to waste it at the Outback Pub and Grill.
Last visited in May 2013
Every time we go to Branson we eat at Outback. Have always found the food to be excellent and the waiters very pleasant. Have never had to wait long for a table. The food has arrived in a reasonable length of time. Would definitely recommend others to eat there.
Last visited in September 2007
It's not that we hated the Outback.....we had just always heard from people how good everything was at an Outback and so we had expectations that it would be above average....It wasn't. The food was edible, but not something that made me want to go back for more. The waitress was pleasant, but not something that made me want to see her again. The atmosphere was adequate, but not something that will make me run out and tell my friends "You HAVE to go the Outback when you go to Branson"...as a matter of fact, I've told friends just the opposite, that it's nto worth what you pay for it.... I'm not a terribly picky person, but everything here was just mediocre, and when I am on vacation, I want more than what I can normally get down the road...
Last visited in October 2007
My family and I thought this would be a great place to try. Big mistake! We ordered everything from seafood/ pasta / steak. The pasta was terrible the oyster were over cooked and the steak, shoe leather would best decribe it. When I brought it to the attention of management they acted like it was no big deal (like they really didn't need the business) and the cost of this horrible dinner $125.00 for 4 people. And we had water, no drinks. If you head to Branson skip this place!!!
Last visited in March 2008

"Great day at the Outback!"

Me and my family went there a week ago. Unless they had a different recipe then, I'd say the scampi wasn't alfredo sauce. Who uses alfredo with scampi??Hmm. Anyway, I had strip steak. Very good. Good service. Great atmosphere. We'll go back. Good place for kids.
Last visited in December 2007

"This Is The Best Restaurant In Branson"

I was at the Outback less than a month ago and I can't wait to go back!! The food was great and the service was wonderful! The employee's seam to love the atmosphere. We always are looking forward to go back the the Outback Steak and Oyster Bar! P.S. The kabobs are my favorite!
Last visited in April 2007
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"Outback Steak & Oyster Bar in Branson, MO"

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