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4 Stars
4 stars based on 3 reviews

Parmesan's Pizzeria

14608 State Hwy 13 in Kimberling City, MO 65686
Phone: (417) 739-3999
Business Hours:
Alcohol Served:
Beer, Wine
Casual Dining
Dining Options:
Carry Out, Delivery, Dine In
Dress Code:
Entrée Price Ranges:
$11-15, $16-20, $6-10
Main Cuisine:
Pasta, Pizza
Meals Served:
Dinner, Lunch
Payment Methods:
Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Not Accepted, Recommended for Groups

Parmesan’s Pizzeria in Branson West, Missouri has built a reputation for fresh, delicious pizza, subs, calzones, pastas, and salads with freshly made bread, pizza crust, pizza and pasta sauces, and house salad dressing. Parmesan’s Pizzeria's Calzones & Subs are stuffed with Ricotta and Mozzarella cheese, glazed with garlic butter and served with homemade pizza sauce. Guests of Parmesan’s Pizza may choose to begin their meal with appetizers such as homemade, fresh baked garlic cheese bread, toasted ravioli, and hot wings as well as a fresh salad loaded with fresh veggies and meats. Parmesan’s Pizza in Branson West offers Specialty Pizzas such as Parmesan’s Deluxe, Padre, Bella Marguerite, Polynesian, Rodeo, and Mexicana. Other offering include Homemade Classic Lasagna, Chicken Spinach Alfredo Lasagna, and Ham and Cheese Calzone as well as Reuben, Hot Italian Sub and Buffalo Chicken Sub. Blueberry and Chocolate Chip dessert pizzas, cinnamon sticks, and cheesecake are great ways to round out a meal at Parmesan’s Pizza.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Reeds Spring, Missouri
"Very Disappointing!"
Rating of 1.5 stars
Reviewed on June 16, 2012
My husband and I visited Parmesan's in Kimberling City because of all the great reviews that we read about. When we walked in, we were shocked at the appearance of the dining room. It was not very clean, and there were dead flies on the window sill next to our table. The ceiling fans were caked with dirt and dust, but luckily they were not running, or they would have been dropping dirt on us. The vent on the wall was also caked with dust and dirt. Obviously, this place never had to pass a health inspection. We decided to give the place a try anyway, figuring the food must be excellent in order for them to stay in business with such a filthy establishment. (I would rather dine in our garage) We order the pizza, and when it was served, we were extremely disappointed. We have had better frozen pizza from the grocery store at $2 per pizza. What a disappointment. We are from the Chicago area where they know how to make good pizza, so we have never had pizza this bad. So far, the best pizza we have found here in Missouri is Pizza Hut, but, in Chicago, Pizza Hut is considered the worst pizza. Either the people rating this place have no working taste buds, or these reviews are being written by the establishment. Our recommendation on this one: Stay Away!
Last visited in June of 2012
Tom D.
Springfield, Missouri
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on April 16, 2010
I gave atmosphere a 5 but I have never actually been in the restaurant. We keep a boat at the near-by Port of Kimberling, and have eaten at Parmesans numerous times. I have eaten pizza everywhere, and Parmesans is about the best I've ever had. When you order a supreme they don't spare the ingredients like alot of other places. It's awesome pizza and they even deliver to the dock. I highly recommend this place.
Last visited in April of 2010
Randy Martin
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on December 4, 2008
Changed hands from Pizza World. Not sure what that was like, but this place is FABULOUS. Not a very large dining room, but very cozy & comfortable. Extremely clean inside & out. The toasted ravioli is excellent. Wife & I shared the Canadian Bacon/Pineapple/Mandarin orange while the kids shared a half Pepperoni half cheese. Different sizes to suit any appetite & the choices are too numerous to mention. Very affordable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND the short drive to Kimberling City for some OUTSTANDING pizza. This has become our pizza place of choice
Last visited in October of 2008
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"Parmesan's Pizzeria in Kimberling City, MO"

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