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2.5 Stars
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Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon

201 S. Wildwood Dr in Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 336-5030
Business Hours:
Sunday - Thursday:
4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday:
4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Alcohol Served:
Beer, Liquor, Mixed Drinks, Wine
Casual Dining
Dining Options:
Carry Out, Catering, Dine In
Dress Code:
Entrée Price Ranges:
$1-5, $11-15, $16-20, $6-10
Main Cuisine:
Chicken, Country Cooking & American, Hamburgers, Soups & Sandwiches, Steak
Meals Served:
Dinner, Lunch
Payment Methods:
American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Accepted, Recommended for Groups

Lone Star Steakhouse has been keeping Branson beef lovers happy for years!  Boasting an impressive menu that offers steaks, grill combos, salads, soups, sides, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and the popular Lone Star Plates, everyone will find something they love for lunch or dinner.  For those times when you want something other than steak, selecting from the Plates menu is always a good idea - these meals come with two sides and offer a nice variety of entrees, including Sweet Bourbon Salmon, Grilled Shrimp Dinner, and Sidewinder Chicken, a special dish that features two boneless, grilled chicken breasts basted in spicy Sidewinder BBQ sauce, topped with monterey jack cheese, green onions, and crispy onion strings - delicious!  If a burger is in order, give the Swiss & Mushroom or the Bubba Steak Burger a try.  There's also a nice variety of appetizers, including one that gives you a little taste of everything - the Texas Sampler, with potato skins, buffalo chicken tenders, hickory grilled sausage, and spicy fried green beans, and served with ranch dressing and sour cream for dipping.  There's a long list of sides, including unique things like Texas Coleslaw and Broccoli & Cheese Casserole.  But, it is a "steakhouse" after all, so make sure you try one of Lone Star's incredible steaks, including the Texas Ribeye, the Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon, or the Chipotle Sugar Steak.  Great service, excellent food, and a happy atmosphere where you can enjoy a drink or two with your steak - find it all at Branson's Lone Star Steakhouse!

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Customer Reviews (16)
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Robby Parrish
"Local that used to love Lonestar-will not go back"
Rating of 1.5 stars
Reviewed on November 25, 2017
It was my birthday so my wife daughter and granddaughter took me to my favorite steakhouse. That used to be Lonestar. Service was horrible. Food way overpriced and atmosphere was just not the same. WILL NOT go back.
Russ Clements
"This place sucks"
Rating of 1 stars
Reviewed on November 23, 2017
We came hear on Thanksgiving 2017 all my wife wanted was the turkey dinner and after waiting for our order more than 45 minutes we was told sorry the ran out. Besides service sucks will not be back. Now u know why the one in Kansas City shut down you would think the management would so something
Tammy Morris
"From Texas and compare all steakhouses to Texas Roadhouse!!"
Rating of 2 stars
Reviewed on August 13, 2017
Way to pricey for a bland piece of meat. Garden salad was sad with watered do dressing that should have been offered on the side. It is rude to apply salad dressing to someone elses salad. Needed a magnifying glass to see the rolls that we had to ask for more to go with meal..was not offered by server. I must say the cried pickles, minus the watered down dressing was the the forerunner of this experience. The hostess was friendly and the only one who asked if we needed anything.
Velenda Sparkman
"Bad Experience!"
Rating of 1 stars
Reviewed on August 1, 2017
We asked for ketchup and ranch for our granddaughters chicken and fries, she was almost done before we got it! Then My husband order a steak well done, it wasn't cooked as he ask. Also he asked for A 1, waitress bought him a empty bottle. He never received the mac n cheese he ordered as a side. My sweet potato was cooked so my much it was shriveled up. We waited 45 minutes for this! LOL
"Horrible worst service I have ever HAD!"
Rating of 1 stars
Reviewed on July 20, 2017
The place felt like a furnace. It was 100 outside and dang near the same on the inside. My drink was terrible which the server noticed I had not drank it but didn't offer to bring something else. Server messed up our appetizer order. Ordered a well done steak that was still mooing when we cut it open. And server tried to double charge us for things such as adding extra appetizers to our bill when in my opinion since he messed them up we shouldn't have been charged for them at all. I don't know how you add chilli to cheese fries not just one order but both of them and think it's acceptable not to redo them. Our bill when we first got it was $100 after we had him fix it and take all the extras off that we didn't order it was $35...Hands down number 1 worst experience I have ever had at a restaurant.
"Don't think I will ever go back"
Rating of 2 stars
Reviewed on November 28, 2016
There were six of us that stopped in to eat before a show we had a little wait time and I can live with that but as soon as we were seated we were forgotten, had to chase down a waiter to get our drinks and again to get our order in, they never came back to check on our drinks, when we finally did get our food it was cold but no one came back to check. Table of 6 rated a 52 cent tip and I think that was .50 too much won't go back
Rating of 4.5 stars
Reviewed on July 18, 2014
My husband and I took our first vacation without children in 40 years. Our big splurge was a staek dinner. All reviews of steakhouses close to our hotel were mixed. I just want everyone to know we ate at Lonestar on Wednesday July 16 and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. I like my steak well done and alot of people cannot grill a juicy well done steak. The person who did the grilling that night knew what he was doing. I ordered the Delmonico and it was fabulous!. Our waitress was extra attentive and very funny. We haven't had such a good time going out to eat in a very long time. I highly recommend them. The only negative of the night was a couple with very badly behaved children. That is not the establishments fault. Thank you to Lonestar for a great meal.
Last visited in July of 2014
"forget steak unless it is chopped"
Rating of 2.5 stars
Reviewed on April 24, 2013
don't blame the chef-the premium beef goes to the coasts and vegas. Their soup was good as was the service. also prices were reasonable. might actually eat there again.
Last visited in April of 2013
A Sheth
Willis, Texas
Rating of 2 stars
Reviewed on December 13, 2011
Bartender was our waiter. We told him that we want a cup of soup to go when we are ready to go. But he brings the cup of soup with our meal. He never checked on us to see if we needed anything. Since two persons in our party ordered the soup, he took the napkin with silverware away. I guess they did not need the napkins. Both soups were SALTY
Last visited in December of 2011
Debbie Gettys
, Missouri
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on June 24, 2010
We come to Branson two or three times a year and go to Lonestar every time. It's always a pleasure. It is best to come before or after rush hour, but we have ALWAYS enjoyed the food and service. The steaks melt in your mouth, the burgers are to die for and seafood is well cooked for a steakhouse. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone who enjoys a good steak!
Last visited in June of 2010
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