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4 Stars
4 stars based on 13 reviews

Clocker's Cafe

103 S. Commercial in Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 335-2328
Business Hours:
Monday - Thursday:
6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday:
6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Casual Dining
Dining Options:
Carry Out, Dine In
Dress Code:
Entrée Price Ranges:
$1-5, $6-10
Main Cuisine:
Breakfast, Country Cooking & American, Fish, Hamburgers, Soups & Sandwiches
Meals Served:
Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Payment Methods:
Cash, Local Checks
Not Accepted

Clocker's Cafe is an institution in Branson's Historic Downtown District!  The friendly folks at Clocker's have been putting the "happy" on faces for years, especially with their "served all day" breakfast selections.  Omelettes, egg platters, Belgian waffles, pancakes, biscuits and sausage gravy...regardless of what kind of morning meal starts your day off on a good note, Clocker's is preparing it fresh and delicious!  They also deliver the tasty goods for lunch and dinner, including excellent burgers and sandwiches, including their reuben, their Big Ben's BLT, and the popular Prime Rib Sandwich.  Just like old-time diners, you'll find daily specials at Clocker's, and they also offer lighter options for those watching the waistline.  And, of course, there's good ole country cookin' favorites, like fried catfish.  If you're looking for the  place that's been keeping locals coming back for more time and again, then look no further than Historic Downtown Branson for the delightful Clocker's Cafe!

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Customer Reviews (13)
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Stan Guy
Rating of 3.5 stars
Reviewed on October 6, 2017
We have eating there twice. Food is good. Service & coffee could be better.
M Love
"Recent Visit"
Rating of 4 stars
Reviewed on June 28, 2017
My wife and I ate at Clockers twice last week....6/20 & 6/21 2017 breakfast one day, lunch the other. Food was good, service good, great small town café. We will be back.
vernon cullum
"like eating at grandma's"
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on June 29, 2015
We eat here every time we come here to Branson'' which is every year'' the food is great'' coffee, biscuits, gravy, bacon, eggs, and the best fried chicken since grandma's''we eat here every day while we're here' wish I could take this place back to where I live''mmmmmmnot a bad ideal????
Olivia Hamilton
"Favorite breakfast spot"
Rating of 4.5 stars
Reviewed on August 16, 2014
I love having breakfast at Clockers. The food is always great and the service good. If you go prepare to wait if it is the weekend for a table, but it is worth it. If you go early your wait won't be bad or maybe not at all.
Last visited in August of 2014
jennifer wood
Rating of 4.5 stars
Reviewed on September 1, 2013
Great food low prices.
Last visited in August of 2013
Lenexa, Kansas
"My favorite local breakfast joint!"
Rating of 4.5 stars
Reviewed on December 8, 2012
My family loves coming to clockers for breakfast every time we are in Branson! Great food, reasonable prices and friendly people!
Last visited in December of 2012
Cliff Smith
Hollister, Missouri
"I eat at Clockers every week"
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on June 15, 2012
Wow after reading some of the reviews, can't believe it expecially the lady that ate at Clockers several times a week for a year and didn't like it, seems a little strange to me. My wife and I eat at least once a week and know the servers by name and ALWAYS have Great food and service. We take our out of town freinds to the resturant and they have always enjoyed it. Love the food, the employee's and it is every bit as good as Farmers without the crowd.
Last visited in June of 2012
Mary Smith
Rating of 1 stars
Reviewed on January 6, 2011
Have been eating at Clockers for about a year now several times a week and have been nothing but disappointed in the food & service since the new owners have taken over. Short handed -Poor servers are overworked. Food quality not the same and there has been hair in food twice in 2 weeks. Anytime something is brought to the staff attention its always an EXCUSE! Sad that the Locals are going to get tired of EXCUSES and go across the street for breakfast. There is other restaurants in this town that serve breakfast with a smile and appreciate the locals business.
Last visited in January of 2010
Donna Kline
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on June 25, 2010
This is the cutesy little downtown restaurant and the food is always plentiful and good. We have had breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Oh, and I can't forget the pie!
Last visited in December of 2009
Joann Thompson
Branson, Missouri
Rating of 4 stars
Reviewed on August 31, 2008
Don't know when or what Spyder ate at Clockers, but he/she didn't give this good local spot a fair shake. Breakfast is always done right and service is great. The breakfast special is a value priced meal, more generous than the nearby Branson Cafe. We go often and are always pleased. Haven't tried lunch or dinner since we think of it as a breakfast cafe.
Last visited in August of 2008
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"Clocker's Cafe in Branson, MO"

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