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3.5 Stars
3.5 stars based on 18 reviews

Landry's Seafood House

2900 W. Hwy 76 in Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 339-1010
Business Hours:
Monday - Thursday:
5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday:
11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Alcohol Served:
Beer, Liquor, Mixed Drinks, Wine
Fine Dining
Dining Options:
Carry Out, Catering, Dine In
Dress Code:
Business Casual, Casual
Entrée Price Ranges:
$11-15, $16-20, $20+
Main Cuisine:
Chicken, Fish, Hamburgers, Pasta, Seafood, Soups & Sandwiches, Steak
Meals Served:
Dinner, Lunch
Payment Methods:
American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Accepted, Recommended for Dinner, Recommended for Groups

Landry's Seafood House enjoys a beautiful Branson location - it sits atop a gentle ridge overlooking the scenic Ozarks' countryside!  Of course the view is just one good reason to dine at Landry's; a great reason is the phenomenal food from the sea -- make that the gorgeous Gulf Coast!  They offer an impressive menu for lunch and dinner, and a wine list to rival any local eatery.  Lunch and dinner options include everything from Oysters on the Half Shell to Today's Catch, which can be enjoyed broiled, grilled, or pan-seared and served with Landry's Famous Salad Bowl, rice pilaf, and seasonal veggies.  If you're a newcomer to Landry's, try any of their fresh seafood offerings with a selection from the "Over the Top" list -- these signature fish toppings include Firecracker Shrimp, Pontchartrain, Melissa, and Crescent City, a blend of blackened shrimp, crab, crawfish, and lemon butter.  House Specialties include Stuffed Flounder, New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, and Cedar Planked Salmon.  You'll love everything, including the shellfish options, pastas, and platters, and the sandwiches like the Po-Boy and Landry's Gold Burger.  Steaks and poultry are also on the menu, and prepared with just as much finesse as the seafood!  Another must-try is the Chef's Trilogy for dinner - a three-course dining experience with your choice of these featured entrees: Mahi Verona, Tilapia Hemingway, or IPA Fish & Shrimp.  Dessert options include Cinnamon Bread Pudding, Praline Cheesecake and a Mini-Dessert Sampler.  Ask about menu items for gluten-sensitivity, or options for vegetarians.  Have a big group?  Branson's Landry's has the Branson Room for groups up to 46 people, and the Ozark room for up to 136 guests.  Other special restaurant features include outdoor dining on the deck, where you can enjoy the stunning view, and a well-stocked bar - Happy Hour runs from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. during the week.  When you're ready for a fresh seafood meal in Branson, you're ready for Landry's Seafood House! 

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Customer Reviews (18)
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Julie Daly
"Very disappointing lunch"
Rating of 2.5 stars
Reviewed on July 11, 2017
Ordered crab cake which was cold and my mother ordered an entree which came with signature salad that came after she got her meal!! Waitress was really nice but didn't know the menu at all and if you are spending 20-50 plate of food you of course are going to have questions. I would not waste my time or money again. I saw one manager when walking out and she clearly does not check on tables to see how they are doing. Really quite sad when you budget a meal one time a day out and this is what we got... Beautiful atmosphere but that is not what we came for.
Tena mccoy
"Wouldn't waste my money"
Rating of 3 stars
Reviewed on May 20, 2017
They have a GF menu and it was great.BUT. I ordered shrimp.rice,green beans. Rice was cold,beans were dried out and tough,shrimp was beyond cooked! Hard and flavorless. Hubby ordered seafood platter off reg menu. Not much better review. Left over French fries, and fish was paper thin and over cooked. .dinners are very overpriced for what little food you get. Sorry but someone needs to tell the truth about this place. I did send my meal back and refused to pay for it. Hubby ate what he could of his and left the rest..
Warren Walker
Rating of 2 stars
Reviewed on March 30, 2017
Fried shrimp wasn't hot. Texture was not like freshly batter shrimp. The only thing I can say good is the salad was good and the bread was good. We knew the meal would be pricey, but expected quality
Mike Ramsey
"Very small portions of main entree"
Rating of 2 stars
Reviewed on January 15, 2017
Wife ordered broiled fish platter; 4 very small shrimp, stuffed crab mostly bread filling, and 1 filet of fish approximately 3" 2" 1/2" thick. Large portions of rice, green beans. I ordered fried platter; 3 tiny fried oysters, 1 stuffed shrimp, 3 fried shrimp, 1 filet slightly larger portion than wife's. Very large portion of onion rings, french fries and 2 hush puppies. Two ice teas and salad. $50.00.
"Seafood and Steak Reviewed"
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on December 30, 2016
Only live a few hours away and come up here at least two times a year. I can't believe I've never ate here before. Filet steak melted like butter, no steak sauce needed! I had blackened red fish with a side of Alaskan King Crab legs. I'm not much on fish, but it was some of the best food I have ever come across! Kind of pricey, but that's to be expected with any good quality food.
Vince Hamilton
"Will always choose landrys in Branson"
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on October 9, 2015
When I walk into a restaurant that I'm about to pay over $100.00 for my lunch or dinner I expect a little more then a regular restaurant. Well the Branson Landrys always pulls through! Even when busy and there is a wait i dont mind. I understand that the restaurant is full, but once i get sat my server is all about us. I believe my servers name was Mary. VERY nice and elegant lady i would love to have her every time. Told us the best wines to try and great appetizer. The manager was amazing as well i believe his name was Edgar. He stopped by multiple times to check on us as he did around thr entite restaurant. He actually had a rral conversation with us no matter how busy he was. Such a great guy! If he lived in my home town i would steal him for my company. All together dinner was great. My family loved it even my picky kids!
Norris Youngberg
"Great food Great service"
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on June 6, 2014
We have eaten there 3 times and we just love it. The wait staff is always great and the food is wonderful. We are coming to Branson the 2nd week in June and Landrys will always be must go place for us.
Last visited in September of 2013
Linda Phillips
"My Must Go To Restaurant Every Branson Visit"
Rating of 5 stars
Reviewed on November 14, 2013
I moved to MO almost 8 yrs. ago and visit Branson once or twice a year. My husband and friends we go with know that I "must eat at Landry's" every time we go. I look forward to getting my "Louisiana Fix". I usually order the Crawfish Etouffee, although everything else is great too. I just miss my Etouffee living in MO. The wait staff is always friendly and attentive. It is not a fast food place, so prices fitting, being an upscale restaurant, but worth every penny. Friends we go with order one seafood platter with two salads and share. Always plenty to eat. Fish is fresh and prepared in a variety of delicious ways. Hope it will become one of your "go to" restaurants when you visit Branson. Laundry's is a chain. I've eaten at Laundry's in LA and FL as well. Always a good choice. They've figured out how to do seafood.
Last visited in November of 2013
Susan Barron
Asheville, North Carolina
"Lunch at Landry's in Branson"
Rating of 4.5 stars
Reviewed on October 4, 2012
We went to Landry's in Branson for a late lunch. We had a terrific young lady for a waitess. The hostess was less than gracious and reminded us to hurry and order before the dinner menu went into effect. We ordered drinks and entrees at one time. A salad came with all of our entrees and was delicious and plenty for four of us. We each ordered different entrees and each was delicious. I had beer, and it was served in an iced beer glass--perfect. We shared a creme brulee for dessert and it, too, was delicious. We will go back for lunch if we ever come back to Branson. The restaurant's temperature was a bit cool--take a sweater.
Last visited in October of 2012
Marilyn Oufnac
Rating of 4 stars
Reviewed on September 9, 2011
To be honest, we kept trying to get to Landry's so any ratings above are based on what we heard about it. I am writing b/c we met, when lost in Branson, a delightful young lady, who stood in a rainstorm, while pumping gas. Her name was Marissa, and she was such a Godsend that we felt we had to give her a shout out. She gave us great directions and was so friendly, it was amazing. She was still in her uniform and had just gotten off of work, so we know her feet hurt, and she was tired. Still, she took time to help us and get us back on the road to our rooms. And she did so while recommending we grab a bite to eat at Landry's and with a big, big smile on her face. So friendly. So nice. What a great gift to Branson and Landry's she is. If the restaurant's employees are all like Marissa, then the restaurant has to be a good place to go. We will make it there next time for sure.
Last visited in August of 2011
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"Landry's Seafood House in Branson, MO"

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